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The Scoop

OrangeMico LLC is a multidisciplinary technology company specialized in high-performance computing and smart-phone applications located in Brooklyn, NY. César August Naranjo first conceptualized OrangeMico in 2009 after spending several years working for Hedge Funds building mathematical and risk systems. When Alejandro completed his Masters in Electrical Engineering at Columbia University, the brothers recognized that together they had a unique skill set that could set them apart as entrepreneurs. They combined their expertise in finance, management and mathematics with their creative training in technology design. They launched OrangeMico LLC from a small Brooklyn apartment in February 2010 and shortly thereafter moved to their current location in DUMBO Brooklyn. With their new office at the center of New York City's tech Start-Up scene, they are in the forefront of the new technology trends.

The company had two major goals: first, to develop high-grade financial solutions applications that served the needs of a specialized expert market, and second, to develop cutting-edge Smartphone applications for a wider consumer market. They believe that both markets are rapidly growing and want to be major innovators in both.

The "Micos" offer specialized services to create uniquely designed, and customized product to meet the needs of our clients; efficiently and cost effectively. At OrangeMico they like to think of themselves as brainstorming machines. They offer our clients invaluable services by helping them expand their ideas into concrete concept. They have created several projects for the iPhone, iPad, and Android.

The Micos, with their language skills in both programming and speaking, uniquely positions them to create custom software in English, Spanish, and German. Their clients have so far been based in the US, Mexico, and Germany.

Our Goals

  • Provide a one stop-shop software solution.
  • Offer cost effective customized solutions for our clients tangible to all. We understand the dedication and struggles of non-for-profits (nfp), therefore we offer discounted rates.
  • Design, produce and develop exceptional smartphone applications.
  • Develop high- performance financial software faster, more robust, and accurate than anything currently in market.
  • While complete all the above have fun and put our hearts in all the work we produce.

OrangeMico, What does it mean?

"Orange" comes from the co-founders and brother's last name, Naranjo. Naranjo in Spanish means "Orange Tree".
"Mico" comes from the Spanish word meaning monkey. We choose mico because it represents good humor.

Co-Founder and Senior Developer

Before conceptualizing OrangeMico in 2009 César worked for 7 years at several top-tier hedge funds in New York City implementing advance pricing and risk models as well as less sexy information systems. He co-founded the company in his search for a career change that would bring more interesting work and down a path that would eventually benefit the world through education, creativity, and technology. He soon realized that he had the unique set of skills in mathematics and programming to develop high-performance financial software and high-end smartphone applications.

In 2009 César was part of the winning team, PODER, of the $100k Stewart Satter Family Prize for best Social Venture; he continues to contribute to the organization’s efforts in Latin America.

César graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 2003 with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He lived several weeks in the Caribbean Ocean on a student sailing vessel and he enjoys Capoeira in his spare time. He speaks English and Spanish, some Portuguese and enough German to buy groceries.

Co-Founder and Business Manager

Young, fresh, smart and motivated, Alejandro's high energy and motivation make him an essential part of the OrangeMico team. In particular, he is able to identify client needs and visions to get them from square one to completion. Since all clients and projects are unique, Alejandro makes sure to listen carefully and brainstorm to bring concepts into reality. Alejandro graduated from R.P.I with a BS in Electrical Engineering (EE) and a MS from Columbia University. Alejandro brings fun, excitement, and enthusiasm to the OrangeMico while maintaining productivity and focus. At OrangeMico, he is able to fuse creativity, intelligence, discovery, technology and innovation all in one. Alejandro is extremely excited to be part of a great team that will shape software and technology for years to come.